FVD is looking for individuals, based throughout the UK, to deliver cars to customers.

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  • What is EPOD?

Proof of Delivery

  • What is a trade plate driver?

Trade Plate driver are highly trained, professional drivers. Responsive to meeting and exceeding Customers needs and expectations. They are mature, dedicated drivers and have been fully trained to carry out full Vehicle Appraisals to specified standards. All carry Identification badges and are always contactable by our Operations Centre via mobile phones.

  • Can you move my vehicle with a days notice?

24 hrs Notice usually required, but drivers may be available on occasion. Always pays to ring and check.

  • Will I pay more for an urgent delivery?

Additional costs would apply for same-day or week-end Collections or Deliveries.


  • Do you use vehicle condition reports (VCR’s)?

Fully trained to carry out Vehicle Appraisals to specified standards

  • Who is responsible for insurance?

Fallowfield Vehicle Deliveries are comprehensively Insured & cover all vehicles whilst in their custody & control.

  • Can you move vehicles outside of the UK?


  • I’m importing/exporting a vehicle – can you transport to/from the docks?

We do not Import or Export, but are most happy to collect or deliver vehicles to UK Docks

  • Do you handle fleet vehicles?

Having been in business for more than 35 years we are experienced in the movement of all types of vehicles, including fleet, new or used.

  • Is there a minimum distance for transporting a car?

Any distance covered, near or far. 

  • Driven or transported? Which is cheaper/better?

Either – depends on the customers requirements. We would recommend transporting new vehicles to avoid any additional mileage on the clock. Driven costs are cheaper but could incur additional costs like Fuel if required and tolls.  All quoted prices are subject to the addition of VAT @ 20%.


  • How much will it cost?

Charges are based on Mileage, with a minimum charge for both Transporting or Trade Plate delivery.